The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible - Jeff Anderson Illustration

The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible


A new retelling of the epic stories of the Bible, with the Old Testament by Richard Thomas (script) and Siku (art) and the New Testament by myself.


Some reviews:


David Lloyd, V for Vendetta, Aces Weekly

“Beautiful and impressive.”

Mike Perkins, award-winning illustrator for Marvel Comics (Captain America, Thor, and The X-Men).

“Siku and Jeff Anderson have brought to life the tales and truths already evident within their respective Testaments providing, respectively, both brutal action and refined elegance. They know their ways around these texts and it shows in the design sensibilities and approaches they have taken. Both artists have produced beautiful work emphasizing the powerful words that have enthralled for millennia and, with this new edition of The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible, will continue to do so for many more.”

David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College and Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University


“The Bible is about extraordinary heroes with extraordinary stories because God is at work in this ordinary world.  For the comic book generation who tell visual stories, here are those heroes beautifully drawn in their triumphs and failures ultimately pointing to the God who in Jesus is the mighty saviour.”


Down the Tubes Website,

"An absolute gem."


Hardcover: 192 pages

Publisher: Lion Books (16 Oct. 2015)
Dimensions: 25.9 x 19.6 x 1.8 cm 


A signed copy £18.99 plus including postage.